The past life of inulin
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erusalem artichoke: Jerusalem Artichoke, a Compositae, is the raw material for the production of inulin. In this meeting, Yang Lichen, the R & D Engineer of Chongqing's arrogant king, made an introduction to the present life of Jerusalem artichoke, the raw material of the inulin, by the humorous language.

The first half of a twists and turns of life

Jerusalem first appeared in 1492, the staple food of the Indian, but at that time it did not have a formal name. After a hundred years of silence, Jerusalem finally ushered in its lucky god, the French explorer Samuel. In 1605, Samuel brought Jerusalem artichoke to France, and at first it was only a small merchant peddler. Even so, Jerusalem was rapidly growing in France, Italy and other European countries and became the staple food of the European people at the time of the first World War and had some beautiful names: Earth apple, French potatoes and so on. I think it can be a good development, but gradually the potato has replaced the status of Jerusalem artichoke, because at that time the people's intestines were healthy, the bacteria were diverse, the Jerusalem artichoke was rejected by the Europeans for eating more stomach and not having a high color.

Flamboyant turn

"Ghost ginger" is the name of Jerusalem artichoke in China. It is named from a beautiful legend. From then on, the Jerusalem artichoke is spread in the vast China, and its value is more and more found. Some people use his torso to prevent wind and sand, use its fruit to make feed, and some food to make it into the dinner table. All kinds of dishes.

But with the development of the times, people living in tall buildings and Mercedes Benz BMW have made people more and more lazy. In addition to the intake of some antibiotics and chemicals, the diversity of intestinal flora becomes more and more single. By a series of physical separation and concentration, Jerusalem artichoke becomes white, slightly sweet and water soluble inulin, which is a necessary thing for modern people to manage intestinal health.

The present life of inulin

In modern life, with the quickening of people's life rhythm, all kinds of chronic diseases come from it. People pay more and more attention to the health of the body, especially the health of the intestines, so inulin is widely used in all walks of life.

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